Orbit, Oculoplasty and Reconstructive

Orbit, Oculoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery

Ophthalmic plastic surgery or ‘Oculoplasty’ is the branch of ophthalmology that deals not only with the diseases of the eye, but also vital structures around the eyes like eyelids, eyebrows, orbit and the tear system which are vital to the normal appearance and function of our eyes –  At Asia Pacific Eye Center, Our oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery team treats abnormalities that affect the the orbit, the space between the eye and the bones protecting the eye. We specialize in both functional facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic facial plastic surgery.

Our comprehensive approach gives patients access to state-of-the-art technology and a wide variety of eye care specialists and ophthalmic surgeons. Our multidisciplinary team designs individualized treatment plans based on patients’ needs, with the ultimate goal of improving their vision and quality of life. Some of the services we provide the following orbit, oculoplasty, and lacrimal duct treatment are as follows:


 Ptosis Surgery

External Darcryostorhinostomy (DCR)

 EndonasalDarcryostorhinostomy (DCR)

 Eyelid and Orbital Tumors


 Botox Injection






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