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Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that I will engage a doctor in telemedicine and that it is prohibited to record any part of the video conference under the Data Privacy Act.
2. I understand that video conferencing technology will be used for the consultation and will not be the same as a direct patient/doctor visit due to the fact that I will not be in the same room as my doctor. Hence telemedicine is not a full replacement for seeing your doctor in person.
3. I understand that certain types of illnesses or conditions may require a face-to-face physical assessment and cannot be diagnosed through telemedicine.
4. I understand there are potential risks to the technology of telemedicine including interruptions and technical difficulties, and in rare instances security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy of personal medical information. 

5. I understand that my doctor or I can discontinue the telemedicine consult/visit if it is felt that the video conferencing connections are not adequate for the situation. 

6. I understand that if my condition requires urgent care, the doctor may refer me out to a specialist for definitive treatment and the referring doctor’s responsibility will conclude upon the termination of the video conference.

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